Under Current Systems and Cultured Solutions Nutrients Available Through GreenPlanet Wholesale

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Current Culture H2O (CCH2O) is widely recognized as a world leader in the development, planning and use of active water culture systems. CCH2O incorporates the patented and proven principle of Re-Circulating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) in our famous Under Current series of RDWC systems – a concept refined and developed by company founders Daniel Wilson and Christian Long beginning before the company’s founding in 2006. More recently, CCH2O is gaining recognition for Cultured Solutions, a complete, economical and easy to follow crop nutrient system that excels in hydroponics, and that is also becoming widely adopted in media-based growing systems like coco or rockwool.

Crops grown in the Under Current RDWC systems with Cultured Solutions are often described as the highest quality harvests ever seen or experienced both by consumers and growers alike.  The clean smooth tastes and intense fragrances in the final harvest are the results of plants assimilating pure forms of essential nutrients under highly oxygenated root zone conditions – as it turns out, people love to taste the plant, not the dirt. Naturally, the yields and growth rates get people’s attention too! 

The Advantages of Growing with Current Culture H2O

Besides amazing results, one of the factors that have contributed to the wide success of the Under Current system is the level of scalability and ease of changing configurations; for instance, the adaptability as part of the growing evolution. This is one of the reasons Current Culture H2O is so excited to be working with GreenPlanet Wholesale. As the Canadian distributor of CCH2O solutions, GreenPlanet can supply growers at both the commercial and hobbyist level with easy access to their system components to build a garden that works for every space, budget and scale demand.  And of course, as well as to deliver complete turnkey systems, whether as one of their ready to ship Under Current system packages or as a complete custom designed turnkey operation. 

Hobbyist to Commercial Level!

All CCH2O complete systems and components are professionally designed, manufactured and packaged.  We use the latest in CAD design not only in developing and making our systems and components, but all CCH2O systems come with highly detailed and easy to follow instructions for assembly, operation and maintenance.  There is absolutely no guesswork required or luck involved for growers to attain exceptional cropping results. Whether it’s your first time growing a small crop at home, or the hundredth as a professional grower in a licensed facility, success can almost be guaranteed when selecting the Under Current series of hydroponic systems.

Justin chats to the Current Culture Team at the Lift & Co. Expo.

What to Expect when Using an Under Current System 

Hydroponic systems are renowned for saving growers time and money; so, If you’re a grower who wants to save significantly on time, water, power and plant food, switching to a CCH2O Under Current system is among the smartest decisions you’ll ever make in the garden. Listed below are some of the advantages to expect when switching to a closed-loop Under Current System:

Significant savings in water use; closed hydroponics systems lose very little water to air, allowing plant nutrient solution uptake to become an accurate diagnostic in the grower’s toolbox.

Using the principles of thermodynamics, it can be more economical for growers to heat or cool the nutrient solution of growing plants, rather than expend more energy in an attempt to cool or heat the air in the aerial growing environment. This feature offers growers a large potential reduction in power use.

Growth rates are exceptionally fast and healthy; save weeks in the vegetative growth phase to achieve the same sized plant at harvest versus traditional cropping methods.

Because there is little to no growing medium in the system, it is easier to maintain hygienic growing conditions reducing potential insect or pathogen pressures on the crop; the Under Current doesn’t give places for the bad guys to hide and reproduce

All Under Current systems are highly scalable and adaptable while saving big on labour; it’s easy to start at a smaller scale and add on as plants or your cropping needs grow.

Clean and Stable Hydroponic Nutrients: Cultured Solutions

Early on, Current Culture H2O began to recognize the need for very clean crop nutrients and additives that would be easy to use, and give great quality yields and results. Additionally, after extensive testing of other nutrient systems in the marketplace, CCH2O developed a line of nutrients that not only delivers great quality results but also creates a stable pH solution and avoids drastic spikes in EC. 

This need gave rise to Cultured Solutions, hydroponic nutrient formulations they developed to meet their stringent criteria of minimizing hassles associated with hydroponic plant food, and the development of a nutrient system that would help growers get the most out of RDWC technology. After years under development, CCH2O is pleased to make widely available the proven nutrient line, Cultured Solutions, GreenPlanet Wholesale.  Made with the professional grower in mind, Cultured Solutions are highly concentrated and economical to use.  A low salt index means Cultured Solutions won’t plug up injector systems and irrigation lines while keeping the root zone and growing media clean and clear to maximize nutrient uptake for aggressive crops that taste great at harvest.

Because of the clean and stable nature of Cultured Solutions nutrients, growers using other types of systems including rockwool and coco continue to make the switch and join the following of hydroponic growers achieving next-level results. For more information about Cultured Solutions nutrient and additives and for detailed use in your type of system, please consult their crop feeding program page. For other inquires about Current Culture H2O, contact your GreenPlanet representative for questions, sales and purchasing information. 

This blog was written and provided in partnership with Current Culture H2O.

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