Tips on Navigating the New GreenPlanet Wholesale Website

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GreenPlanet Wholesale welcomes you to our new and improved website. Inside, you’ll find detailed information on products, services and brand partnerships offered exclusively by GreenPlanet Wholesale. In providing our clients with the most positive experience with our online resources, we have compiled a brief announcement detailing helpful tips on navigating our improved website. Before jumping into GreenPlanet’s new and exciting world of innovative gardening, consult the guide below for information regarding the refined aspects of the purchasing tools we offer. 

How to Shop: Category and Subcategory Distribution

To help clients quickly access the products they want, GreenPlanet Wholesale has improved its website to display the most relevant information possible. Instead of just displaying brands, the improved website arranges products into Top Categories, allowing customers to choose a specific category of growing or growing related equipment before navigating various brands.

Upon choosing a top category, for example, lighting equipment, a preview of all available lighting products will appear and give you quick and easy access to the brands and equipment currently offered by GreenPlanet Wholesale. If, for instance, you’re particularly interested in LED lighting offered by GreenPlanet Wholesale, scroll over the “Lighting” category on the homepage and browse through available brands displayed by the drop-down subcategory LED Fixtures. This tool can also be extremely helpful to clients who already know which category to browse in order to find a particular product. Gorilla Grow Tent, for example, is a specific brand of high quality grow tents distributed by GreenPlanet Wholesale; and so, if this information is relevant to a returning client, a selection of available Gorilla brand products can easily be found on the homepage of GreenPlanet Wholesale’s improved category and subcategory distribution, without needing to access the search bar

If you happen to know which product you want, or, just want to browse products within a specific category of gardening equipment, access the Shop page to source and review products found in closely linked categories. This feature of our improved website gives clients access to entire lines of brands, while subsequently grouping similar products within subcategories of growing equipment. If you’re interested in Method Seven’s grow room glasses, for example, access a list of available Method Seven products, and other brands associated with garden safety, by selecting the category Accessories, and then the subcategory Safety Equipment. This feature of GreenPlanet Wholesale’s improved website aims to provide clients with a logical distribution of gardening categories, which in turn improves the pace and efficiency at which our online catalogue can be browsed. 

The Shop Page

This feature of our improved website gives clients access to entire lines of brands, while subsequently grouping similar products within subcategories of growing equipment.

With top categories ranging from environmental control to propagation, the category distribution offered by our improved website makes the complicated business of indoor gardening that much easier. To further a positive experience, and for the most accurate representation of available products, make sure your current location is registered by GreenPlanet Wholesale’s Canadian or United States directory.  

How to Shop: SKU, Filter, Product and Brand Name Search Options 

In the process of making improvements to our existing website, we understood the needs of clients to access products with increased speed and accuracy. And, given that in some cases, garden equipment can be very specific, we have added SKU, product, and brand name search options to our improved website. Searching the SKU of a specific product can have major advantages for retailers and commercial gardeners alike; for example, if you or a customer is in need of a small part of a larger growing system, the SKU from the manufacturer could then be directly searched for in GreenPlanet Wholesale’s search bar to reveal the products available. Even the smallest parts of larger systems, like the silicone tabs in the AutoPot AquaValve (APAQ102) can make a difference in a garden’s success. And so, with these additions to our improved website, finding parts with our SKU search options has never been easier. 

What Are The Benefits Of Searching By SKU?
By typing the SKU code into the search bar you can directly add the exact items you wish to purchase to your cart in record time!

Billy, GM of Marketing for GreenPlanet Wholesale

With these added features, you can source specific products on GreenPlanet Wholesale’s website faster, and with more reliability. But even more impressive about GreenPlanet’s improved website is the attention to detail given to clients while shopping. Filtering options while accessing our online resources can now limit the number of products listed based on options such as brand, category and price. And so, with these options in place, customers can spend more time and energy focused on searching for items they need, with less time wasted in the process of browsing GreenPlanet’s entire catalogue of products. 

Quickly find the exact product you are looking for

  • By searching by SKU codes
  • Searching for the brand you want
  • By the product name

We’ve made it simple and easy for you to find the product you want.

How to Shop: Accounts and Payment Options 

If you’re interested in creating an account with us, follow the steps of applying with our team and supplying the necessary paperwork. If approved, account holders will have access to wholesale pricing on GreenPlanet Wholesale’s improved website. Placing an order on our website, however, is not a completed sales transaction. Like most other online transactions, an order completed on our improved website will be transferred to our sales team for approval. Once approved, accounts will be notified with an email confirming the transaction. Along with the initial transaction, and based on the affordances of your account, users can select a variety of payment options to tender the transaction, including cash, credit, cheque, wire payment, electronic funds transfer, and account credits.

Payment options we take

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Electronic Transfer Payment
  • Wire Transfer
  • Account Credit Line

Meet the Team

On our improved website, match the names to faces of those behind the innovation at GreenPlanet Wholesale by connecting with our Meet the Team, About Us, and Our Story pages. In hopes of increasing the speed and transparency in which our clients connect with us, the Meet the Team page gives customers first-hand access to contact information for members throughout our sales, accounts, marketing, and logistics departments. 

Find the GreenPlanet Representative that you want to talk to!

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • GM of Sales & Purchasing
  • GM of Marketing
  • GM of Logistics

News and Announcements:

For all those interested in current information, keep a close eye on our News and Announcements page. Inside, you’ll find detailed information on industry news, feature product blogs and new partnership announcements. With so much information available in today’s industry, reliable knowledge online is becoming increasingly rare; and so, for trusted industry news, check out the announcements page on GreenPlanet Wholesale’s improved website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, access your account to track all pending orders.

For all the latest industry news, product information and partnership announcements, refer to our “News and Announcements” page. 

For details on product availability, reach out to your GreenPlanet sales rep for the most up to date information.

Yes, we have free shipping thresholds. Click the icon to read our blog!

If you’ve noticed an error, contact the marketing department at [email protected] with the URL link and a screenshot detailing the problem you’ve found.

Yes, GreenPlanet Wholesale’s catalogue has recently been upgraded to include colour-coded categories and call-out bubbles to enhance the pace at which products can be sourced. Consult the colour-coded categories on the index page and match the available colours with the brand of your choice. Furthermore, as you navigate the catalogue, you’ll notice that the colours of brands change along with their designated categories. Also, keep an eye out for “call-out bubbles” throughout the catalogue. These helpful icons take the shape of GreenPlanet Wholesale’s logo, and offer advice to readers on products and services.

Look For Call Out for extra information!

For more information about navigating our improved website, please contact GreenPlanet Wholesale directly. For all other inquiries about products and services offered by GreenPlanet Wholesale, contact our team or your local garden supply store for more information. 

Latest News And Announcements

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