Rhizoflora presents : Terpinator and Purpinator to Boost Terpene Production In Your Cannabis Grow

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Rhizoflora specializes in manufacturing high-quality specialty additives that deliver impressive results for your crop. Their products are the results of years of trials by a dedicated team of professional cultivators who wanted just a bit more from their harvests. More taste, more aroma, and a higher potency – no matter the plant. They knew that the key to getting the results they were looking for was in the terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers.

The results were Terpinator and Purpinator. Two products that unlock the true genetic potential of your plants that really allow a grower to see, smell, and feel the difference their formulas create. Rhizoflora’s effectiveness in the garden makes it one of our GreenPlanet Wholesale Featured Products of the month.

Rhizoflora Terpinator

Terpinator is formulated to increase the concentration of terpinoids in aromatic plant oils and glands. The unique composition of Terpinator provides the basic building blocks that plants require to produce flavorful oils.

Grower’s Tips

  • Improves trichome production 
  • Improves aromatics, flavours, and potency 
  • Boosts resin production and terpene concentration 
  • Increase dosage every two weeks during flowering by 5mL/Gallon for best results 

Rhizoflora Purpinator®

Purpinator is the first nutrient of its kind, designed to provide an improvement in colour, aroma, and potency in your plants.


  • Improves purple coloration in capable cultivars 
  • Improves aromatics, flavors, and potency
  • Increases resin production and terpene concentration 
  • Add supplemental blue light in the 400-500nm range for further color improvement 

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