Power Si Now Available Exclusively Through GreenPlanet Wholesale

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We are happy to announce that Power Si has joined GreenPlanet Wholesale’s ever-growing catalogue of products. This proprietary organic bio-mix contains highly available micro and macronutrients as well as pure and concentrated forms of silicate dioxide. The superior blend of nutrients in Power Si is thoroughly reviewed by growers in North America and facilitates fast visible effects and structured periods of both vegetative and flowering growth.

We are thrilled that at long last, Canadians will finally have the opportunity to experience firsthand what Power Si brings into their gardens. This is a groundbreaking product with proven success in the garden and a huge following in countries around the world. At GreenPlanet, we are committed to bringing our customers the best products the industry has to offer and Power Si is another example of this. This product has been long-awaited in the Canadian Marketplace and we at GreenPlanet Wholesale could not be more proud to partner with the great team at Power Si. I can’t wait to hear from our growing community as they begin to use this exciting new product.

Mark Walman, Chief Operating Officer for GreenPlanet Wholesale

Proven to elicit thicker stalks, stems and branches, Power Si is a must-have for new and experienced growers. If you want to cultivate a quality-focused crop today, ask your representative about the availability of Power Si at GreenPlanet Wholesale.

What is Power Si?

Power Si harnesses the power of silicic acid to provide your growing plants with a variety of potential benefits, including thicker stalks, stems, branches, tight internodal spacing, uniform flowers, higher yields and increased resistance against stress and disease. As one of the most abundant elements in our environment, silicon is something that can be found as a trace mineral in almost any inert medium. Adequate amounts of silicate are necessary for the production of the benefits listed above and are essential in eliciting a crop’s most desirable potential. However, in hydroponic mediums, silicate must be supplemented and then converted into silicic acid before it can be successfully metabolized by plants.  

Power Si has been helping growers achieve the genetic potential of their plants for years with proven results. Our exclusive distribution agreement with GreenPlanet Wholesale will ensure that Canadian growers can get their hands on PowerSi as quickly as possible. Every part of our line has developed for growers by growers, so we know Power Si has been worth the wait!

Rex Gil from Power Si

The Benefits of Power Si


Silica in the form of silicic acid will strengthen your plants inside and out. Thicker stalks and stems, more lateral branching, and better nutrient availability. The entire line is fortified with silicic acid which will enhance every aspect of your garden.


Plants grown with our line will ensure optimum health which will allow you to achieve the genetic potential of your plants. Lateral branching and tight internodal spacing will give you a canopy full of tops giving you uniform flowers and high yields.


Designed for growers by growers. This line will produce high-quality flowers. This blend of plant extracts will ensure more resin, more terps, and higher concentrate yields. They have spent years testing before releasing Power Si to make sure they are delivering clean nutrients that will take your garden to the next level.

Unlike other silicate supplements, a crop’s metabolic buffer-time is fully addressed by the manufacturers of Power Si. Formulated with silicic acid and an array of micro/macronutrients, Power Si is the only silicate supplement on the market that allows for quick and easy absorption within the first 24 hours. Maximum Yield magazine confirms this claim about Power Si in the lines: 

Power Si is the original, patented formula of bioavailable silica for plants with the added benefit of amino acids. Silicon (in the form of Silicic Acid) strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and stimulates an immune response. Many other commonly used silicate products are not bioavailable and therefore take longer and need microbial interaction to become available to the plant.

(Maximum Yield, Power Si, para. 8) 

Power Si: Now Available at GreenPlanet Wholesale

Power Si has been highly recommended, reviewed and requested by growers in Canada. So, to access the growth-enhancing properties of Power Si, contact your GreenPlanet sales representative today! For more information on the products and services offered at GreenPlanet contact your local garden supply store, or GreenPlanet Wholesale directly. 

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