Now at GreenPlanet Wholesale: ThinkGrow’s Model-I, I-Plus and UV-1

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We are excited to announce that three new LED lighting solutions have been added to GreenPlanet Wholesale’s catalogue of products: ThinkGrow LED Model-I, I-Plus and the UV-1. Having been in the industry for over two decades, we remember the days when HID lighting gave growers the stability and reliable results they needed. But now, in a business of changing demands, LED lighting has come to provide us with what we need most, boasting impressive yields, unmatched quality, savings and green gardening practices. With these benefits in mind, we are happy to announce that three new lighting products from ThinkGrow LED will be joining GreenPlanet Wholesale’s ever-growing catalogue of products. Read the following passages to learn more about ThinkGrow’s Model-I, I-Plus and UV-1. 


The ThinkGrow LED Model-I is a full-spectrum, 720-watt panel bar LED that was specifically designed for the greenhouse garden. Like all of ThinkGrow’s products, the Model-I is fully scalable, allowing growers to externally control up to 256 units per channel on the TrolMaster Hydro-X environmental controller. The Model-I is also waterproof and constructed with a V-shaped panel design, perfect for greenhouse environments with high humidity and low supplemental lighting. The built-in driver means the Model-I can be installed anywhere, both vertically and horizontally as the main source of light or supplemental light during overcast periods in the greenhouse.

Notable features of the Model I:

  • Fully scalable – allows growers to control up to 256 units per channel on the TrolMaster Hydro-X Environmental Controller
  • Waterproof V-shaped panel design – Ideal for high-humidity greenhouse environments and low supplemental lighting.
  • Built-in driver allows the Model-I to be installed anywhere, vertically or horizontally 

Model-I Plus 

The ThinkGrow LED I-Plus comes with all the features of ThinkGrow’s Model-I with the added benefit of unique spectrum control. The Model-I Plus has a completely adjustable spectrum; meaning, growers using the I-Plus have ultimate control over the best UV, White, Deep and Far Red spectrums. With these benefits, greenhouse gardeners and can create and manage unique light recipes to exaggerate the natural characteristics of their crop.

Notable features of the Model 1 – Plus

  • Includes all the features of the Model-I
  • Unique Spectrum Control – completely adjustable spectrum gives growers ultimate control over the best UV, White, Deep and Far Red Spectrums
  • Allows for unique light recipes to exaggerate natural characteristics of crops.

UV Light Bar

The ThinkGrow LED UV Light Bar is a panel bar that is designed to be swapped with the regular lighting bars of the Model-H or Model-W. Each UV-1 lighting bar produces an average of 10 watts of supplement UV light. An abundance of UV light in indoor growing environments has been proven to increase the number of trichomes produced by flowering plants, thus increasing both the density and potency of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. For the best results, ThinkGrow recommends swapping two bars from your existing Model-H/W for 4’x 4’ or 5’x5’ coverage in the last 4 weeks of the flowering cycle.

Notable features of the UV – 1:

  • LED Panel Bar compatible with the ThinkGrow Model-H and Model-W
  • Average of 10 watts of supplement UV Light – supports increased trichome production of flowering plants when the recommended two* UV-1 bars are swapped into the the ThinkGrow Model-H or Model-W lighting panel.

About ThinkGrow

ThinkGrow is an innovative and customer-driven LED grow light company, with an unmatchable ability to deliver you sensible horticulture lighting solutions and to cover each individual grower’s needs, from the home hobbyist to large industrial facilities.

Our mission is to bring you world-class LED for indoor & greenhouse growing, and first class customer service. We are constantly testing and making every effort to find what works best for you; we listen to our customers and react quickly to changing demands. All our products are designed based on data gathered from professional engineers, and carefully examined to ensure best quality.

(ThinkGrow LED, 2021) 

We are happier than ever to connect our clients with companies like ThinkGrow! Want to learn more about the Model-I, I-Plus and UV-1? Contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or reach out to your local garden supply store

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