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Good Green Earth & GreenPlanet Wholesale Expands Their Reach In Canada and USA

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Press Release. Surrey, BC (April 7th, 2021)

My Good Green Earth has seen some remarkable growth in both the Canadian and US markets, thanks to a quality product, amazing partnerships, and some milestone industry certifications. According to My Good Green Earth’s founder and CEO, Gary Crowell, their exponential growth has been spearheaded by the tremendous work done by their exclusive distributor, GreenPlanet Wholesale. This is what he had to say on the company’s expansion and partnership with GreenPlanet: 

Thanks to GreenPlanet, we’ve been able to grow our reach beyond Canada, and we’ve expanded into the US marketplace. We’re now trusted by customers in high-value agriculture, community gardens, and individuals that want to use natural fertilizer for use in their gardens

Gary Crowell, Found & CEO, My Good Green Earth

GreenPlanet Wholesale specializes in the wholesale distribution of quality impact products for the indoor gardening hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market. With over 25 years of experience in the hydroponic industry, they use their knowledge and experience to select the very best innovation to elevate not only the cultivation community but the retailers supporting them. With this philosophy in mind, Bokashi Pro-Gro was a perfect addition to their wholesale catalogue.

We couldn’t be happier to continue our partnership with the producers of Bokashi Pro-Gro. From community gardeners to commercial cannabis producers, Bokashi provides our clients with the reliability and results you can expect from a GreenPlanet Wholesale partner. We’ve seen a lot of success with this product so far – and with the recent federal certification and approval, we trust that the demand for Bokashi Pro-Gro in Canada will continue to grow.

Mark Walman, COO, GreenPlanet Wholesale
We got the chance to interview the Bokashi Pro-Gro team at at Lift Vancouver 2020. Check it out!

Recent Approvals and Certifications

Over the last year, My Good Green Earth has gained product approval and certification by:

  • The Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • The California Agriculture Department Approval of Soil Fertilizer (CDFA)
  • Health Canada
  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Good Green Earth is an amazing company to represent, and they offer the perfect products for our retail customers. We’re now seeing their products in over 100 stores in Canada, with over 25 stores in New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, California and Oklahoma. And we will not stop there!

Gary Crowell, Found & CEO, My Good Green Earth

My Good Green Earth’s in-demand product line includes Bokashi Pro-Gro Organic Soil Amendment for retail buyers and commercial applications. “I truly feel that we offer a feel-good product. I love that we have been able to spread that feeling as far as we have, and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” added Crowell.

About My Good Green Earth

My Good Green Earth shares your desire to nurture strong and healthy growth in our gardens and in our communities. We are passionate about creating products that allow you to make a positive and sustainable choice for growing. Our mission is to improve the quality of gardening practices through research and innovation. This can only be done by developing products that are natural, organic and free from toxins and pesticides. Gardeners like you deserve the knowledge, tools and ability to revitalize your soil and maximize your plants’ full potential.

Want to learn more about My Good Green Earth and Bokashi Pro-Gro? Contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

This blog was written and provided in partnership with My Good Green.

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