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Feed Your Crop Organically with the AutoPot AquaValve5

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Since its initial release, AutoPot Watering Systems have taken the Canadian market by storm. By passively automating watering cycles, gardeners who have opted for AutoPot solutions have enjoyed an array of advantages in all sectors of cultivation. At GreenPlanet Wholesale, we have been consistently proud to partner with companies that offer the best of technology. With the shared goal of fostering a healthier, greener planet, the research and development team at AutoPot Watering Systems have outdone themselves again.

Canada, meet the AutoPot AquaValve5: a new, innovative piece of hardware that affords the use of liquid organic nutrients in existing AutoPot systems, and helps protect against blockages, sediment build-up and unforeseen, head-scratching hazards. Follow the passages below for more information on this, and other benefits of AutoPot’s latest cultivation device. 

What is the AutoPot AquaValve5?

Much like the original design, the AquaValve5 is an intricate float-valve that regulates the passive flow of water into the saucers of the AutoPot self-irrigation system. However, unlike the original float-valve, the AquaValve5 has an increased inlet size of almost 66% and allows gardeners to use a wider variety of organic and mineral-based nutrient systems. Other expected benefits of the new design include faster flow rates, increased reliability and protection against sediment blockages and build-up. Read more below for details on AutoPot’s development of the AquaValve5

Larger Inlets and Hose for Liquid Organic Fertilizer

The most distinguishing feature of the AquaValve5 is its size. With a 5mm internal diameter inlet, and options for either 9mm or 16mm mainline hose, the AquaValve5 makes easy work of viscous, organic and mineral fertilizers. Before releasing the AquaValve5 to the European market, the research and development team at AutoPot thoroughly tested the efficacy of the device in their UK-based R&D facility. For example, in a liquid organic feed test on asparagus peas, the AquaValve5 performed with amazing results. Eight 1Pot AutoPot modules made up the control for the test and were given varying doses of plain, reverse osmosis and organic fertilizer irrigation.

AQUAvalve5 – Liquid Organic Feed Test on Asparagus Peas. Read more.

With no surprise, the AquaValve5 handled the varying doses of fertilizer and water with no issues. So, the researchers took the test a step further and set-up a ninth 1Pot module to a standalone reservoir, this time letting the system run with a constant flow of liquid organic fertilizer. Based on the data available from our partners at AutoPot, this “wild-card” module performed with excellent success, had no clogging issues or sediment build-up and maintained steady growth rates compared to the control modules.

AQUAvalve5 – “Wildcard” Module. Read more.

Fully Compatible with Existing Systems

AutoPot Watering System Accessory Packs now come standard with the AquaValve5, 9mm, 9-16mm, and 16mm pipe-work and fittings. As mentioned above, this option gives growers a much wider variety in fertilizer choice and helps protect against issues of sediment blockage and build-up. If you already have an AutoPot system and want to experiment with liquid organic fertilizer, your existing 1Pot, 1Pot XL, XL SmartPot, and easy2grow trays, pots and lids will all accommodate the new AquaValve5, 9mm and 16mm pipe-work. Existing reservoirs can also be adapted to work with the AquaValve5, as 9mm top hat grommets, golf-filters and inline-taps are available as spare parts to reconfigure hard plastic or FlexiTank reservoirs. 

A Word From AutoPot

AutoPot continues to innovate the hydroponic landscape with designs that elevate the potential of a garden. Now with the AquaValve5, no task, method or system is impossible to manage. In discussing the “proof of concept” surrounding the AquaValve5, AutoPot’s representatives had this to say on the motivation behind engineering the new design:

Whether ‘results’ are defined by flavour, size, yield, health, purity or enjoyment, nothing is more important to a grower than ‘results’. If a grower’s preferred means of getting results isn’t open to them they will surely find another way. Hence the changes we’re about to make – changes that keep our systems in line with contemporary use and allow our growers to get exceptional results however they grow.

(AutoPot R&D, 2020, para. 9)

Want to get growing with AutoPot? Contact a member of GreenPlanet Wholesale’s team today! For all other inquiries about products and services offered by GreenPlanet Wholesale, contact our team or your local garden supply store for more information.

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