Current Culture H2O Partners With GreenPlanet Wholesale

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Canadian growers looking for ultimate growth rates, yields, crop quality, cleanliness and turn over efficiency recognize Current Culture H2O (CCH2O) as a world leader in supplying innovative growing solutions, including the patented Under Current RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) hydroponic system. GreenPlanet Wholesale is your Canadian Authorized Dealer for CCH2O’s full range of highly sought after growing technologies, including Cultured Solutions nutrients and additives.

Current Culture H2O: Leading the Industry in Hydroponic Innovation

Current Culture H2O (Fresno, CA) was founded in 2006 with a singular goal in mind: Cultivate Hydroponic Evolution. CCH2O has been taking indoor farming to the next level ever since, including a growing expansion in offering total cultivation solutions for the savvy grower, building on their global success with the Under Current RDWC hydroponic system.

A big part of being successful at offering complete cultivation solutions means having the knowledge to support the technology supplied.  Growers can take advantage, bringing their crops to the next level – not only in yields and growth rates, but also in quality and cleanliness through their entire cultivation facility. That’s one of the reasons GreenPlanet Wholesale excels with CCH2O – the needs of growers are truly understood and respected; we all grow together for success.

Justin chats to the Current Culture Team at the Lift & Co. Expo.

CCH2O prides itself on being a genuine innovator – they look at things from the cultivator’s perspective firsthand.  They are a grower founded and operated company. Their knowledge and understanding of growing crops better have been hard-earned. With this experience, they are pleased to share it with growers in their continued efforts to supply smart cultivators across the globe with the leading edge in cultivation solutions, while also offering the support they need to make the most of it.

With GreenPlanet and Current Culture H2O – No Project is Impossible

Look to the team at GreenPlanet Wholesale for knowledgeable and friendly support with sales for all your CCH2O growing innovation solutions.  By working together, Under Current Systems and Cultured Solutions nutrients are available at leading hydroponic retailers across Canada. We also work together to supply you with customized growing solutions, big or small, whether it’s commercial air purification, grow room sanitization, air movement, VPD management and more. Just ask! 

GreenPlanet Wholesale has decades of experience working with growers and hydroponic retailers. Perfect for those who are less familiar with some of CCH2O’s latest technologies and that may prefer a hands-on approach in learning; it’s now easier than ever to check out CCH2O’s latest gear in-person across Canada. 

CCH2O is always pleased to lend direct support for custom grow room design and installations – there is no project too big. And by working with GreenPlanet Wholesale, you can bet you’ll receive nothing short of professional excellence in service, both before and after you buy. Let’s all grow together in cultivating hydroponic evolution, eh!

This blog was written and provided in partnership with Current Culture H2O.

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