The Benefits of Bokashi Pro-Gro as a Commercial Cannabis Fertilizer

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We love travelling to events across North America and talking to craft growers and LPs about our products. It’s a genuine treat to attend events like The Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo or the Homegrown Expo and talk shop with people in the industry. 

There is no fooling this crowd! Real growers aren’t fooled by flashy marketing, and they don’t want to hear a sales pitch. They want to know exactly what your product can or can’t do for their operation. So, what can Bokashi Pro-Gro do for you?

The Kitchen Sink

We’re not just boasting when we say we’re literally offering a living superfood for your soil with this mix. We’ve taken good old-fashioned Canadian wheat bran and we have inoculated it with beneficial microbes, probiotics, and beneficial fungi. We’ve also added a plethora of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic whole food complex, kelp, and organic beetroot juice. We ferment all of that down and it becomes a building block for your soil with the microbes, nutrients, minerals, and organic matters. It’s been called a Kitchen Sink mix, and it’s all just really beautiful stuff. 

Organic or Synthetic Inputs

The beautiful thing about Bokashi is that it creates a living soil that works great with both organic inputs and synthetic salt inputs. You can drop your PPMS to 700 by using this as a soil amendment, or one and a half cups per 10 gallons of your medium, and literally water-only for the first little while. And then when it comes time to put your nutrients in, you can drop them down. 

Everybody loves to be able to use less salt. But the great thing about it is, even though you’re using less, the microbes break down those inorganic nutrients and salts to make them more bioavailable to the plant naturally. You’re using less, but you’re maximizing the potential of your nutrients and the inputs. You’re also creating stronger and louder chirping expressions, trite productions, bud sites, and just overall high bricks and health. This makes maximizing the plant so easy.  

And of course, growers take comfort in knowing that we have our CFIA approval. We have also recently acquired approval and certification by: 

The Oregon Department of Agriculture

Health Canada

We’re proud to be compliant with industry standards, but we’re even prouder to step above and beyond compliance to exceed our customers’ expectations and make them rethink what’s possible.

Let’s Talk About Your Growth

Bokashi Pro-Gro Organic Soil Amendment gives you healthier, stronger plants with increased flavour, colour and yield!

The stuff works great on cannabis plants. I was seeing some deficiencies in the veg stage, so I sprinkled some on the topsoil, mixed it in, then watered. 3 days went by and my plants are growing faster and stronger and the deficiencies have stopped.

5-Star review on Amazon

Want to learn more about the large scale use of Bokashi Pro-Gro? Click Here.

This blog was written and provided in partnership with My Good Green.

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