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Upgrade Your AutoPot Watering System with the AquaValve5

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If you’re familiar with AutoPot Watering Systems, you’re probably aware of their newest cultivation device: the AquaValve5. This innovative piece of hardware affords the use of liquid organic nutrients in new and existing AutoPot systems and helps protect against blockages, sediment build and unforeseen hazards. With an increased internal diameter of 66%, there are few challenges the AquaValve5 can’t handle. Even better than permitting the use of organic fertilizer, the AquaValve5 is compatible with a variety of existing AutoPot systems, including the 1Pot, 1Pot XL, XL SmartPot, and easy2grow systems. Want to learn more? Find out how to upgrade your AutoPot system with the AquaValve5 below!

What is the AutoPot AquaValve5

Like the original design, the AquaValve5 is an intricate float-valve that regulates the passive flow of water into the saucers of the AutoPot self-irrigation system. However, unlike the original float-valve, the AquaValve5 has an increased inlet size of almost 66% compared to the original device and allows gardeners to use a wider variety of organic and mineral-based nutrient systems. Other expected benefits of the new design include faster flow rates, increased reliability and protection against sediment blockages and build-up.

Upgrade Your System With the AquaValve5 Module Accessory Pack 

AutoPot Accessory Packs now come standard with the AquaValve5, 9mm, 9-16mm, and 16mm pipe-work and fittings. However, the best news is that all existing AutoPot systems will accommodate the newly designed AquaValve5 float-valve, 9mm hose and 9mm fittings. With this in mind, there is no reason to invest in an entirely new system altogether. Accessory Packs are now available at GreenPlanet Wholesale and contain all the necessary components to upgrade your existing AutoPot to the AquaValve5. 

See what’s included in the 1Pot Accessory Pack!

Including parts like a 16-9mm Tee Connector, a 16-9mm Cross Connector, a 9mm Tee Connector, pipework, and of course, the AquaValve5 device, the Accessory Pack will be light work for any grower with AutoPot system experience. Existing reservoirs can also be adapted to work with the AquaValve5; 9mm top hat grommets, golf-filters and inline-taps are available as spare parts to reconfigure hard plastic or FlexiTank reservoirs.

9 mm Tee Connector

16-9mm Tee Connector

16-9mm Cross Connector

Performance and Reliability

With the AquaValve5, no job is impossible. Growers buying new, or upgrading their existing systems with the AquaValve5 can rest easy knowing that AutoPot representatives have officially approved the device for use with constant, organic liquid-feed programs – something they have never recommended before. Along with improved nutrient performance, growers can expect faster fill rates and less maintenance associated with mainline blockages and sediment build-up. In discussing the “proof of concept” surrounding the AquaValve5, AutoPot’s representatives had this to say on the motivation behind engineering the new design: 

Staying on top means staying alive to how growers grow. We’d never tangle with the proven principles and mechanics of our systems. However, we are always alive to the possibility of adjustments that might optimize them for contemporary use. How about a huge 5mm AquaValve inlet to accommodate the increasingly diverse range of nutrients favoured by growers? Bigger fittings and pipework to serve the new AquaValve, delivering visibly faster flow to the modules for an astoundingly quick fill? All of this new kit compatible with existing trays, lids, and pots.

(AutoPot R&D, 2020, para. 1) 

Want to upgrade your AutoPot system with the AquaValve5? Contact a member of GreenPlanet Wholesale today! For all other inquiries about products and services offered by GreenPlanet Wholesale, contact our team or your local garden supply store for more information. 

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