TrolMaster Hydro-Pro (HCS-2) Firmware Update V107.66.3x Now Available

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The following is an update announcement for owners of the TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro (HSC-2).

TrolMaster has recently released the newest version of the Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2) firmware that will enhance both the device’s function as well as the overall user experience. Some of the new features of the firmware include: 

  • A VFD control module for the speed control of AC motors. 
  • A “Spray Mode” for lowing the power or speed of certain devices automatically.
  • Improved internet connection. 
  • Other small bug fixes and general improvements to the user interface. 

How to Update Your Hydro-X Pro 

We recommend following the steps below to successfully update your TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro. Before committing to the update, save your system settings. This will allow you to return to your saved environmental settings quickly after the update. Make sure your system is connected to the internet, follow steps 1-14, and enjoy the improved experience of the HCS-2. 

Follow Steps (1-14)

  1. You will first want to save your current settings on a USB drive that is 32GB or less.
  2. Insert the USB drive into the controller USB slot on the lower-left corner.
  3. Go to the “System” tab on the upper right corner of the HCS-2.
  4. Select “Import / Export”.
  5. Select “Export all Settings”.
  6. Choose the path to save the file to the USB card, and then name the file.
  7. Select “Export” – the controller will show “Export Settings Complete”. Your settings are now backed up on the USB drive.
  8. Go back to the Settings page then select “System Reset” – “Firmware Update” – Select the “Cloud” update.
  9. When the unit completes installing the update, the unit will restart.
  10. Once the unit restarts, select the Setting page, then select “System Reset” – “Factory Reset” and complete the factory reset.
  11. When the unit completes the factory reset, the unit will restart.
  12. Once the unit restarts, select the “Settings” page, then select “Import / Export”.
  13. Select “Import all Settings”. Next, you will find and select the backup filename you saved earlier.
  14. Select “Open” and then select “Import”. Your settings will be restored, and your controller is ready to function.

After following these steps, your HSC-2 will be ready to function with the improved software. Enjoy the new features and enhanced user experience available on TrolMaster’s premiere environmental control system.

About the Hydro-X Pro (HSC-2)  

TrolMaster revolutionized environmental control when it introduced the Hydro-X. The Hydro-X Pro continues the revolution with a 10’ touch-screen and web-based software. With the Hydro-X Pro, growers can customize their environment with enhanced web-based software, set calendar reminders for crop consistency and expect increased garden safety with notifications received through the TrolMaster App. 

Watch this video for a brief overview of the TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro.

Customize Your Environment

Customized programming allows an almost limitless degree of control. Each indoor variable (temperature, humidity, CO2, lighting) can be controlled independently, meaning a customized ramp-up or ramp-down can be used to closely simulate natural outdoor conditions, or simply allow complete customization of the environment. Displayed on an easy-to-read and construct “graph” it allows the user to have 100% control of their environment.

Calendar Presets

Another powerful feature of the Hydro-X Pro is the built-in calendar and calendar presets that allow users to schedule an entire crop’s schedule within the Hydro-X Pro. Calendar preset settings including lighting, temperature, humidity, CO2, and timers and can be specified by the user as they “build” their multi-week crop schedules. Reminders can also be programmed to ensure critical tasks are not forgotten. 

Control from a Distance 

The TrolMaster App will also allow for notifications with separate day/night limits to be received by the user. The web-based software provides easy access and more advanced remote control. Onboard data acquisition and the ability to store and share settings between multiple devices, means that user-defined programs & settings can be saved and loaded into multiple Hydro-X Pro units with ease. 

Thanks for choosing GreenPlanet Wholesale as your supplier for all of TrolMaster’s environmental control devices! For more information on the information above, contact your GreenPlanet Representative directly, or your local garden supply store. 

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