FoxFarm Fertilizer: Stock Up On New Liquid and Soluble Fertilizers

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By combining tested methods of production with the wisdom and power of Mother Nature, the FoxFarm Fertilizer company has consistently manufactured high-quality soils and nutrient systems for years. FoxFarm products range from easy to use soluble and liquid fertilizers, to highly competitive brands of organically enriched soils. For any grower, and for any style of cultivation, there is a FoxFarm brand product that offers the quality and results they advertise – that’s why GreenPlanet Wholesale couldn’t be more excited to include a range of FoxFarm fertilizers in our newest catalogue. 


From base nutrient protocols like Grow Big, to single-source micronutrient supplements like BushDoctor, GreenPlanet Wholesale now carries a variety of liquid fertilizers from FoxFarm. Here is a full list of liquid fertilizers now proudly offered to our Canadian retail partners.


These soluble fertilizers are designed to work together as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventional growers. Using these soluble plant foods on your plants is like putting your plants on an Olympic training diet. If you’re looking for all the reliability of a liquid nutrient in mineral form, look no further. Below is the list of soluble fertilizers now available to the Canadian market through GreenPlanet Wholesale. 

Cha Ching
Beastie Bloomz
• Open Sesame


FoxFarm offers more than just liquid and soluble fertilizers; their industry-leading grow media, for example, has become an important, almost iconic staple in organic gardening. Two soil/soilless mediums, Happy Frog and Ocean Forest are now available to the Canadian consumer through retail partnerships with GreenPlanet Wholesale. Happy Frog and Ocean Forest are both peat-based, organically enriched grow mediums that offer the light, and fluffy porosity of peat, with the added benefits of organic supplements. The more heavily enriched of the two, Ocean Forest, is procured with organic additives from the ocean, including significant amounts of kelp, shrimp, and crab meal. This makes Ocean Forest the perfect medium to add as a topsoil to your existing containers and beds, or, as a stand-alone medium for hungry, fast-growing crops. 

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